Ders KoduDers Adı1234567891011
AIT 1101Principles of Atatürk and History of the Turkish Revolution I11111111111
AIT 1102Principles of Atatürk and History of the Turkish Revolution II11111111111
BED 1131Physical Education I03455053040
BED 1132Physical Education II00400043222
BUS 1101Introduction to Business54445455555
BUS 1102Management44444444445
BUS 1111Micro Economics55533353354
BUS 1112Macro Economics55254203050
BUS 1121Financial Accounting I55354233450
BUS 1122Financial Accounting II55344243540
BUS 1131Introduction to Law44432444234
BUS 1132Business Mathematics54253400030
BUS 1141Mathematics45235322020
BUS 1151Effective Speaking & Presentation Skills 00000005000
BUS 1152Business Communication00040005005
BUS 1172Computer Applications in Business45432504000
BUS 2103Financial Management I45443400231
BUS 2104Financial Management II34253330240
BUS 2113Principles of Marketing05345000040
BUS 2114Marketing Management 55350050000
BUS 2134Research Methods for Social Sciences43433324434
BUS 2153Business Law 32323333532
BUS 2154Human Resource Management45434243233
BUS 2163Excel Applications For Business44435444544
BUS 2173Statistics55354530030
BUS 2174Social Responsibility Projects44444544444
BUS 2201Corporate Accounting55352032550
BUS 2202International Financial Reporting54343043350
BUS 2203Organizational Behavior44343234342
BUS 2204Leadership & Teamwork35544454253
BUS 2205Creative Drama00420025010
BUS 2206Business Ethics & Social Responsibility 52524214223
BUS 2207Social Pyshchology10045023430
BUS 2208Turkish Tax System54343043350
BUS 2209Modern Banking & Bank Accounting55342023530
BUS 2210Corporate Governance 55352052550
BUS 2211Women in Business Life34353343335
BUS 2212Retailing42330333333
BUS 2213Supply Chain Management34432425000
BUS 2214Accounting Information System34030500030
BUS 2215Management Information Systems45442502040
BUS 2216Inventory and Balance Sheet24030000020
BUS 2217Contemporary Issues in Accounting04050040040
BUS 2218Cultural Studies00042003020
BUS 2219Gender Studies00000004005
BUS 2220Mythology00000004005
BUS 3105Production and Operation Management I54433333434
BUS 3125Cost Accounting55442032050
BUS 3126Managerial Accounting55353045350
BUS 3146Essentials of Investment14343420000
BUS 3155International Marketing55504000000
BUS 3166Quantitative Methods55352511020
BUS 3201Financial Markets & Institutions44144300030
BUS 3202Marketing Research55300000000
BUS 3203Portfolio Management12324254433
BUS 3204Contemporary Management44432434224
BUS 3205Innovation Management34334444544
BUS 3206Technology Management34233333233
BUS 3207Personal Finance11323323112
BUS 3208Public Finance22121313211
BUS 3209Turkish Economy44255020230
BUS 3210Logistics Management53504343330
BUS 3211Production and Operation Management II34233233222
BUS 3212Electronic Commerce00000504055
BUS 3213International Business55555032555
BUS 3214Services Marketing54444434544
BUS 3215International Finance 53553425321
BUS 3216Web Technologies and Business Systems14524025233
BUS 3217Enterprise Resource Planning 33250500030
BUS 3218Product and Service Quality Management33340000040
BUS 3219Global Market Analysis 00500555004
BUS 3220Labor Law13030000500
BUS 3221Current Economic Issues45442502040
BUS 3222Money and Banking 54343043350
BUS 3223Intelligent Systems54343033350
BUS 3224Tax Law24330000000
BUS 4108Sector Practice(Intern)55550554400
BUS 4118 International Trade44055000000
BUS 4147 Consumer Behavior55500005000
BUS 4201Promotion Management54455443445
BUS 4202Financial Statement Analysis55450344450
BUS 4203Corporate Risk Management45514311113
BUS 4204Decision Theory45452502040
BUS 4205Project Management00500504000
BUS 4206Auditing55455055540
BUS 4207International Business Case Studies55454055355
BUS 4208Derivative Markets33333333333
BUS 4209Strategic Management43344232332
BUS 4210International Political Economy00004000000
BUS 4211International Environment Policy34232135423
BUS 4212Digital Marketing43454000000
BUS 4213B2B Marketing43234234132
BUS 4214Technical Analysis in Finance44435444544
BUS 4215Islamic Finance55255350430
BUS 4216Object Oriented Analysis and Design23034052334
BUS 4217Data Mining44000400000
BUS 4218Information Technologies Law33225530205
BUS 4219Competition Law32042030500
BUS 4220Quality Assurance Systems54343033350
BUS 4221European Union Politics and Turkey00053000000
BUS 4222Trade Negotiation and Diplomacy04000005045
BUS 4223Global Entrepreneurship40004005050
BUS 4224Fundamentals of International Economics30045000000
BUS 4225Strategic Cost Management44050000040
CBU 4405Entrepreneurship11010101015
GSH 1131Turkish Folk Dances I33344010000
GSH 1132Turkish Folk Dances II22222222222
GSM 1131Music I01111003000
GSM 1132Music II22222222000
GSR 1131Painting I10133000000
GSR 1132Painting II12011000000
TDL 1111Turkish Language I33233223220
TDL 1112Turkish Language II33233223222
YDA 2203Foreign Language I (Arabic I)00000005005
YDA 2204Foreign Language II (Arabic II)00000005005
YDA 3205Foreign Language III (Arabic III)00000005005
YDA 3206Foreign Language IV (Arabic IV)00000005005
YDA 4207Foreign Language V (Arabic V)00000005005
YDG 2203Foreign Language I (German I)00000003035
YDG 2204Foreign Language II (German II)00000005005
YDG 3205Foreign Language III (German III)00000005005
YDG 3206Foreign Language IV (German IV)00000005005
YDG 4207Foreign Language V (German V)00000005005
YDR 2203Foreign Language I (Russian I)00000005005
YDR 2204Foreign Language II (Russian II)00000005005
YDR 3205Foreign Language III (Russian III)00000005005
YDR 3206Foreign Language IV (Russian IV)00000005005
YDR 4207Foreign Language V (Russian V)00000005005