Ders KoduDers Adı12345678910
CBU 4405Job Safety and Workers' Health-I4004044005
CBU 4406Job Safety and Workers' Health-II0440524334
CSE 1112Discrete Structures5530040002
CSE 1124Object Oriented Programming3504032304
CSE 1131Molecular Biology for Computer Scientists4000000000
CSE 1133Introduction to Programming5544554332
CSE 1141Introduction to Computer Engineering4402003300
CSE 2101Electrical Circuits and Electronics 5554454304
CSE 2105Data Structures4543400000
CSE 2113Formal Languages and Abstract Machines4400000000
CSE 2118Programming Languages4444000002
CSE 2122Design and Analysis of Algorithms5500555402
CSE 2134Logic Design4344543333
CSE 2144Summer Practice0000000000
CSE 3124Operating Systems0403400000
CSE 3131Computer Organization5535303003
CSE 3134Microprocessor And Embedded Systems 5544000000
CSE 3136Computer Networks3334431331
CSE 3137Object Oriented Analysis and Design5535551112
CSE 3139Database Management Systems0000000000
CSE 3207.Net Programming5544433225
CSE 3209.Net Web Programming5544532225
CSE 3211Advanced Computer Networks4324213404
CSE 3213Artificial Intelligence 5534322222
CSE 3214Introduction to Digital Image Processing 5505503000
CSE 3215Functional Programming5505000004
CSE 3216Simulation and Modelling4443333332
CSE 3217Automata Theory4400000002
CSE 3218Prolog Programming and Expert Systems3525554403
CSE 3219Computer Graphics5505400000
CSE 3220Machine Learning4534520000
CSE 3221Distributed Systems and Algorithms4455545402
CSE 3222Data Mining5545335403
CSE 3223Web Programming0505535504
CSE 3224Wireless Sensor Networks5555350002
CSE 3225Mobile Computing with Ios and Android3455554404
CSE 3226Knowledge Engineering and Ontologies5505555303
CSE 3227Biologically Inspired Algorithms (TS)5535323000
CSE 3228Artificial Neural Networks5535433100
CSE 3229Introduction to Robotics4555554504
CSE 3230Compiler Design4405402032
CSE 3231System Programming3535543403
CSE 3232Semantic Web Technologies0505535504
CSE 3233Computer Network Programming4444424023
CSE 3234Game Programming5535503303
CSE 3235Gpgpu Programming3535543204
CSE 3236Human - Computer Interaction Design3444334333
CSE 3237Parallel Programming3334400000
CSE 3238Software Testing5535433100
CSE 3239Numerical Analysis for Computer Engineers5544435530
CSE 3240Network Security3344203304
CSE 3241Foundations of E-commerce0000000000
CSE 3242Advanced Database Management Systems4545543403
CSE 3244Python Programming5543432425
CSE 3246Cyber Security5545453235
CSE 3248Cloud Computing5543343425
CSE 4100Industrial Applications Training5545454553
CSE 4123Software Engineering5555550554
CSE 4127Graduation Project I3444434420
CSE 4128Graduation Project II3344315325
ENG 1122Linear Algebra5500000002
ENG 1135Professional English I0000031105
ENG 2115Social Responsibility Project0000000000
ENG 3100Engineering Management and Ethics0000102353
ENG 3120Statistics 3400000000
HIS 1101Atatürk's Principles and History of Revolution I0000000103
HIS 1102Atatürk's Principles and History of Revolution II0000000103
MTH 1301Mathematics I0000000000
MTH 1302Mathematics II0000000000
MTH 2301Differential Equations0000000000
PHY 1301Physics I0000000000
PHY 1304Physics II0000000000
SEC 3202Engineering Documentaries0000041203
SEC 3216Report Writing Techniques5532002104
SEC 3229Photography0001010200
SEC 3232Chess1130300100
SEC 3237Table Tennis0000000000
SEC 3241Football0000050000
SEC 3242Handball0000055400
SEC 3243Percussion0000000000
SEC 3256Technology Management0000000000
SEC 3257Innovation Management0003043353
SEC 3259Intellectual Property Rights0000000000
SEC 3260Project Training0000000000
SEC 3261Amateur Fishing0000000000
TUR 1111Turkish I0000030305
TUR 1112Turkish II0000030305