Ders KoduDers Adı123456789101112131415
PIR 5201Comparative Politics000000000000000
PIR 5202Global Public Policy223343333434332
PIR 5203Theories of European Integration000000000000000
PIR 5204Migration and Integration Policies in the EU and Turkey000000000000000
PIR 5205European Union as a Global Actor000000000000000
PIR 5206European Neighbourhood Policy000000000000000
PIR 5207Theories of International Relations000000000000000
PIR 5208European Union-Turkey Relations000000000000000
PIR 5209Social Theory000000000000000
PIR 5210Political Sociology000000000000000
PIR 5211Gender and Politics000000000000000
PIR 5212Media and International Politics000000000000000
PIR 5213Contemporary Issues of International Law000000000000000
PIR 5214Conflict Resolution and Negotiation000000000000000
PIR 5215History and Politics of the Modern Middle East (1800-1945)433444344443444
PIR 5216Global Environment Policy000000000000000
PIR 5217Religion and Politics434444444443444
PIR 5218History and Politics of the Modern Middle East since 1945434343443343344
PIR 5219Critical Perspectives on the History Writing and Politics443433333443434
PIR 5220Social and Political Thought in the Contemporary Middle East433333333333334
PIR 5221Twentieth Century World History433444344443444
PIR 5222Colonialism, Orientalism and Politics of Representation433333333333334
PIR 5223Ethnicity, Nationalism and Politics434434344343434
PIR 5224Politics of Gender in Modernizing Societies433333333333333
PIR 5225Management of Diversity in the Ottoman Empire434443334433344
PIR 5226History of Ottoman Diplomacy433334334342433
PIR 5227Advanced Reading and Writing Skills in Social Sciences I343433334333334
PIR 5228Politics of Multiculturalism434344444343333
PIR 5229International Business Administration544445455555444
PIR 5230Sources and Methods for Socio-Political History of Modern434333434443434
PIR 5231Energy Economy545455554455555
PIR 5232Social Movements and Revolutions in Contemporary World323444333333334
PIR 5233Political Theory000000000000000
PIR 5234Advanced Reading and Writing Skills in Social Sciences II343434333443343
PIR 5235International Business and Trade000000000000000
PIR 5236Entrepreneurship000000000000000
PIR 5237nternational Economics000000000000000
PIR 5238Eurasian Studies000000000000000
PIR 5239Foreign Policy Analysis000000000000000
PIR 5240International Transportation Routes000000000000000
PIR 5242International Political Economy000000000000000
PIR 5244Turkish Politics000000000000000
PIR 5246Turkish Foreign Policy000000000000000
PIR 5806Seminer000000000000000
SBE 5501Scientific Research Methods and Publication Ethics343334344444433
TEZ 5000Tez Çalışması000000000000000
UZM 5000Uzmanlık Alanı000000000000000