Kuruluş : The Manisa Health High School, which is located in the Faculty of Health Sciences, was published in the Official Newspaper dated 08 April 2016 and numbered 29678 and was closed down by the decision of the Council of Ministers and converted into Faculty of Health Sciences. Teaching as Nursing Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences has been continuing since 2016.
Kazanılan Derece : Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
Derecenin Düzeyi (Ön Lisans , Lisans, Yüksek Lisans, Doktora) : First Cycle
Kabul ve Kayıt Koşulları : Student admission requirements are explained on the homepage under the heading of “General Admission Requirements” in the “Information on the Institution” section.
Önceki Öğrenmenin (formal, in-formal, non-formal) Tanınması Hakkında Kurallar : The recognition of the previous formal education, vertical and horizontal transitions between universities are executed according to the “Legislation on the Principals about the Transition between Associate Degrees and Bachelor's Degrees, Double Major, Lateral Major and Credit Transfer between Institutions” that is determined by Turkish Council of Higher Education (YOK). There is no preparation program at our faculty. An exemption examination is opened for courses eligible for exemption at the beginning of each academic year for the courses approved by the relevant institutions and the decision of the Senate of University. Students are exempted from common compulsory foreign language courses if they take 65 points or more from the compulsory foreign language examination.
Yeterlilik Koşulları ve Kuralları : In order to obtain a bachelor's degree from the Nursing Department, as stated in the training program of the department, it is necessary to successfully complete the compulsory and elective courses for 240 ECTS, 30 ECTS each semester. In addition to this, it is essential that the overall academic grade average is at least 2.00 over 4.00.
Program Profili : The purpose of the nursing program is to educate nurses who determine the health needs and risk factors of healthy or sick individual-family-community, investigate their causes, make appropriate nursing interventions (health care, training, consultancy, etc.). For this purpose, compulsory courses and elective courses are defined in the program.
Mezunların İstihdam Profilleri (örneklerle) : Our graduates have an academic career facilities in national and international level. So they can be employed Health institutions under the Ministry of Health, private hospitals and health centers, health professionals in all areas needed such as schools, kindergartens, factories, hotels.
Üst Derece Programlarına Geçiş : Candidates who have successfully completed the undergraduate education can study at the graduate program (Master and Ph.D.) provided that they have a valid grade from the Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Examination (ALES) and Foreign Language Examination (YDS).
Sınavlar, Ölçme ve Değerlendirme : There is at least one midterm exam for each course. Students are assessed whether they are successful or not from the courses they have taken in two stages, one midterm and one final exam. Quizzes, projects and other activities that the lecturer deems appropriate can be done apart from mid-term exams. The contribution of these activities to the number and grade of achievement is indicated in the course plan by the lecturer. When the passing grade is determined, the midterm exam is 40% and the final exam is 60% effective. All exams are evaluated over 100 points. The note that the student gets when calculating the success grade is converted to the letter grade in the relative system.
The student must have at least a letter grade (CC) in order to be successful in a course. Students with a GANO score of at least 2.00 are considered to be successful in grades (DC) and (DD). Students who do not have a failed course but whose GANO is below 2.00 must first take the courses (DC) and (DD) and increase their GANO above 2.00 in order to graduate.
Mezuniyet Koşulları : In order to complete the program successfully, it is necessary to pass all the courses available in the program (240 ECTS credits) and obtain a general grade average of at least 2.0 out of 4.00.
Çalışma Şekli (Tam Zamanlı, e-öğrenme ) : Full-time
Adres ve İletişim Bilgileri (Program Başkanı, AKTS/DS Koordinatörü) : Head of the Programme: Prof. Sezgi ÇINAR PAKYUZ
ECTS / DS Coordinator: Assoc. Dr. Dilek ERGİN
Address: Manisa Celal Bayar Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi Şehitler Mah. İstasyon Mevkii Merkez/MANİSA
Phone: 0 (236) 239 13 18 - 239 13 19
Fax: 0 (236) 232 00 58
Web address: http://saglikbf.cbu.edu.tr
E-mail: saglikbf@cbu.edu.tr
Bölüm Olanakları : The department provides Turkish education. Computer, technical and simulation laboratories are available for students to use. There are two skill labs for students' laboratory applications.
In the skills labs, there are two adult models allowing cardiac and respiratory massage, anatomy model, skeletal model, episiotomy model, bimanual examination, which allow basic nursing practices in the skill laboratories (vascular access opening, making the injection, catheterizing and tube application to the body cavities etc.), newborn care and child CPR and application models, birth patterns, microscope, simulation model, blood pressure measuring instruments, thermometers, weighbridge and so on tools and equipment.
There are computer labs, library, gym, conference room, cafeteria and tennis tables in the cafeteria for students of the nursing department.
Students can go to agreed universities in the framework Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana programs maximum of two semesters.
In our department; there are 1 Professor, 5 Associate Professors, 7 Assistant Professors and 1 Instructor are on duty.